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Our philosophy...

MomMe Sleep Co. does not follow a specific line. We believe that each person is unique and, therefore, the needs are not the same. For this reason, when choosing a sleep training method, we always take into consideration the family's style and background, the baby's temperament, and the environment around the child.

For MomMe Sleep Co., behaviors such as, not falling asleep or waking up all night long, among others, are only responses to something that is happening and that needs to be observed and fixed by the root.

So, before working on any behavior, we make sure all the important things are in place.

- Ideal sleep environment

- age appropriate routine

- physical needs (nutrition, health and activities)

- baby's development

- social factors

- emotional well-being


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"It's unbelievable how in 4 weeks I managed to have what I always dreamed about in a year. Thank you very much"

Gabriela Pavone, mother of a 15 month  old 

"Thank you very much for showing that it is possible to improve a baby's sleep without leaving traumas."

  Julia Gama, mother of a 7 month old

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